Cités banlieues

Bruxelles 1993/2003: At the circular highway, five minutes apart from each other, there are located the two build utopias „La cité moderne“(I) and “ La cité modèle“(2). 1922 and 1958 designed and constructed close to at that time up-to-date vision of architecture and urban planning. Conceptions – for time and space – couldn’t have been more contrary. The black and white photographs I took 1993 – attracted by the prominent names of the housing projects – while visiting the sites, are description of a pedestrian not trying to depict something that a photograph cannot tell and represent. The colour photographs, taken on a visit ten years later – 2003 – are also descriptions of the objects and places – probably quite far from a thinkable final conclusion. Architectural photographs can only appeal to the viewer’s imagination and availability of world/reality.

The installation consists of six black and white photographs each taken 1993 in each housing project; one designed photo-didplay about the “Cité moderne” based on a colour photograph taken in 2003, and three designed photo-displays about the “Cité modèle”. The installation is accompanied by a sculpture (25 x 25 x 25 cm, bronze, steel, patina and glas) that was designed and build with two fragments – the hedge and the steel pergola – of the “cité jardin” (Cité moderne) and the “cité radieuse” (Cité Modèle).