Eye Exam

[…] For the fiftieth anniversary of his death, Cologne-based artist Doris Frohnapfel traveled to document Wittgenstein’s Norwegian getaway. Her choice collection includes a handful of digitally manipulated color and black-and-white Lambda prints, the black-and-whites numbered in a sequence that resembles the Tractatus. Prefixed with an acronym of Tractatus, or „T-LP,“ each also carries a whole value and then a tenth, hundredth, etc. Among the shots are included almost incidental images of sprawling chateaus, tilting mountains and deep, lush valleys. All have been manipulated into a harrowing blur: buildings shift and change against immovable backgrounds, creating the illusion of a perception in flux. It’s a fitting tribute. Each shot moves across the surface of the world as viewers must imagine Wittgenstein’s mind did over the problems of language and logic. […]