The single pieces and the wall installation „Old and new houses“ is inspired by the architecture of Ilulissat, the third biggest town in Greenland with some thousands inhabitants and some thousands sledge dogs. Houses are build where ever people settle. Also here; and with more commodities within larger conglomerations also in Greenland people move from the very remote sites. Than, old houses are enlarged or they build and move to new houses because todays needs are connected to larger rooms and spaces. Single houses in Ilulissat are build as one-floor-houses with a roof that is not used as a loft. There are single, one family houses and there are housing projects with flats. The single houses with very different and strong colours are prefabricated types in different sizes – for example Illorput Type 1, 58 qm; Illorput Type 2, 80 qm; Illorput Type 3, 80 qm (like Type 2 but different floor plan); Illorput Type 4, 104 qm.
Downsizing visual, photographic etc. experience to a minimum of form for example, but still giving a reference trace and an image has been a concept in several of my recent pieces. Looking for a reasonable abstraction so to say. From my photographic material I restructured, reconstructed the facade grids that have also a repeated window size. The material of wood cuts, made from Balsa wood, a soft material used for hobby and model planes, is not only possible to cut easily with a cutter but also relates to the wooden material the houses are build from in Ilulissat.