For the OpenSpace exhibition project “The Return of Investment” Doris Frohnapfel engages with the history of mentality of the capital. At last the artist was concerned with symbols of the abstract relationship between the capital and the ware (in the exhibition “Papier” – Galerie M29, 2009) – as once they appeared in the interior space or better interior life of the (New York) stock exchange. Now Frohnapfel turns towards the surrounding area of the Wall Street. She lays open historically grown “shifts“ of the context of trafficking in money and persons. At the beginning of the 18th century a prosperous slave market established on WallSteet. The perfidy relationship between capital and corpus as well as its disguise by the abstract terms of the modern financial system – just imagine the term „human capital“ – substantiate in the historical shifts on site. So Frohnapfels „archeological artefacts“ become absolutely current.