Unter Menschen

In ”unter Menschen” one gets to look behind the scenes: history, all too well-known, human namely, life then or now. And ever more strongly the weight of certainty presses upon us that we are all standing on a sediment of thousands and thousands of pictures, which constitute the true fonts of history. Some day they will come to light, but does it matter whether we see them or not? No one will know what it is that they show, who they meant something to. Which in other words simply means that the feelings of the cast of characters immortalized in the photos are whirling around lost in the atmosphere, just as the ground under our feet is littered with the pieces of paper they´re printed on, black-and-white materialities void of meaning. Both seem rather sinister. Viewed like this, ”unter Menschen” is the logical continuation of the urge that drove Doris Frohnapfel to her scenes of catastrophe: stories there, history here, the sum of all stories.